The Product

The Training Package teaches you the principles of trading with on-going support that respects your individual need to ensure you become the best trader you can be.

This package comprises training support, mentorship and trading forums on an ongoing basis. Negotiated trading rates and access to the best live charting platforms internationally. Account opening and training on these platforms. High probability strategies and practical’s on how to apply them in forums and mentorships.

Outlying clients are allocated a trainer, which assist one-on-one by using Skype, email, online training clips and online software for visual assistance. Guidance on simple steps to follow to learn the practical art of trading is applied and the client may attend any training sessions when near the regional offices.

We strive to see that every need is met to ensure the best possible foundation from which to embark on your new trading venture.

NB: Please do not feel overwhelmed by terminology or systems mentioned – our whole training approach is to take you through this in a simple and effective manner!


Once the foundation training has been completed, you will be provided with a simulation account for two weeks, the intention being to sit with a mentor and trade using monopoly money in order to turn theory into practical with no risk. Clients do tend to copy the mentor but this is done solely at your own discretion. The purpose of the mentorship is to walk through the market’s movements applying the strategies so that learning in a live environment can be achieved.

Trading Forums / Market watch

Same as the mentorship, but for clients that have been through the 1 month mentorship and want continued market understanding and strategy application in a live environment.

Outlying areas

The idea here is to provide a one-on-one trader. The client is guided in a simple fashion on how to trade and the criteria necessary for success. Not all clients can attend training at our regional offices. We don’t want to let anyone down and see the value in every client being supported.

We truly provide a comprehensive training programme which justifies your investment. By diligently following the programme, your confidence as a trader will be enhanced considerably towards attaining your goal of sustainable, healthy profits.

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