One of the challenges facing any new trader is learning all about the indicators and the trading environment; the psychology of trading and so on and so forth. In reality, you only need a good strategy and a few tools to implement that strategy. Most new traders go on an extended journey and eventually get back full circle to where they look at just the few really good tools and stick to the strategy!

Training has been improved upon to give clients, new and old, a more supportive environment. With this is mind, we have increased the length of the training sessions so more examples and practical training can occur. In addition we have re-introduced smaller trading sessions, where the session trader will be more ‘hands on’, especially for new traders taking their first steps into the live trading arena.

The full Training Programme is available to clients Nationally via a dedicated trader mentor and live online training sessions and trading mentorships.

Sequence Session Content
1 FT1 This gives an explanation of the basics of the trading environment, principles of derivative trading and other important concepts
2 FT2 The tools of the trade are explained in this session. The oscillators, studies and other important technical tools with be shown with a number of examples.
3 FT3 The costs and all the necessary calculations will be discussed clearly and thoroughly. Clients to please bring along their calculators and notebooks
4 FT4 This is where the primary and other strategies are discussed and the rules of trading emphasized. Clients MUST attend this session before attempting to trade or attend the mentorships. Several attendances may even be required
5 BPA strategy This is for clients with some experience and a larger account
6 Technical Analysis These sessions are run occasionally to assist traders to hone their general technical analysis skills. Suitable for all levels.
7 Platform Training

Session 1: technical trainers will discuss the basic platform usage and give examples of how to use the dealing ticket and getting instruments onto a chart

Session 2: here the technical traders will go through the platform in more detail and explain options such as layout saving, template saving and some more advanced features. These sessions are required before going on the mentorships or market watches.

8 FT Practical As a stepping stone between the theory based training and the actual trading on a live account, clients are invited to attend these sessions. Here they will be taken step by step through the recognition of the setups for a trade and also the entry and exit rules will be done with explanations and examples. Clients are encouraged to paper trade or take trades if they happen to have a demo account.
9 Mentorships This is for new clients who are embarking on their trading career for the first time. All concepts and strategies will be explained clearly and the leader will help you to make your first trade. PLEASE PHONE TO BOOK. A figure of 0 for seats available is simply a system default…as no on-line seats are available, only telephonic bookings
On-going Advanced Forums These sessions will only be posted on occasion and when the demand warrants it




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